Kuwait’s charities portray its humanitarian approach — senior diplomat

– A ranking official of Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday expressed deep appreciation for Kuwaiti philanthropic associations in the realm of humanitarian aid particularly at the global level.

Nasser Al-Sebeeh, the assistant foreign minister for international development and cooperation affairs, applauded role of these associations and institutions, namely keenness of their leaders on boosting the State of Kuwait role and portraying its bright and humanitarian image worldwide.

Al-Sebeeh’s statement marked the International Day of Charity which falls on September 5.

The State of Kuwait recalls with pride designation of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah by the United Nations as Humanitarian Leader and Kuwait as Center for Humanitarian Action, Al-Sebeeh stated.

Kuwait, as government, state and people, along with its charities, have played a role in boosting “the spirit of international solidarity with states and afflicted peoples as well as with the poor and most poor communities, affirming to the world that it will always remain on their side, with diverse humanitarian and development enterprises,” the senior Kuwaiti diplomat added.

Al-Sebeeh noted Kuwait’s noticeable contributions worldwide in aiding nations and communities in coping with the novel coronavirus.

Noting that poverty, hunger and ramifications of global climatic change remain the largest challenges afflicting the human race, Al-Sebeeh has affirmed that charity is the “soft might of the State of Kuwait and the arm of its foreign policy in the humanitarian realms.” He has further affirmed that efforts of the Kuwaiti charities back up actions of boosting peace and sustainable development worldwide.

The Kuwaiti charitable and humanitarian tasks imply no political agendas and have been executed without racial, religious or sectarian discrimination, “being guided by tenets of the religion of Islam and guidelines of His Highness the Amir “may (His Almighty) Allah safeguard him.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency