NEW DELHI, India — The Kuwaiti delegation to the 55th annual meeting of the Asian -African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) on Friday urged more support to the Palestinian cause.

The five-day AALCO concluded sessions in New Delhi on Friday.

Addressing the final session, Chairman of the Appeals Chamber in Kuwait’s Ministry of Justice Counselor Ali Musaed Al-Dhabibi called for taking into consideration the latest developments in Palestine.

Al-Dhabibi, who led the Kuwaiti delegation to the event, urged the delegates from Asia and Africa countries to enhance efforts to develop arrangements and guarantees to halt Israel’s recurrent violence and aggression against the Palestinian civilians.

Participants in AALCO discussions addressed a host of major topics, including Law of the Sea, the Israeli violation of international law in Palestine, violent extremism, terrorism and cyber-security laws.

The Kuwaiti delegation effectively contributed to the deliberations at the AALCO meeting especially on Palestine.

It also called for a resolution on Palestine that comprises fundamental issues such as urging more efforts by the international community on all levels to ensure calm and peace there, as well as providing humanitarian support and rebuilding the Palestinian economy, as priorities.

During the annual meeting, the nominee of Tanzanian government and the African Union Professor Kennedy Gastron was elected AALCO’s Secretary General as the tenure of the current chief Dr. Rahmat Mohamad expires in August 2016.

Following the historic Bandung Conference, Indonesia, April 1955, the Asian Legal Consultative Committee (ALCC) was formed, November 1956 with India, Iraq, Japan, Egypt, Syria, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka as the founding members.

It was renamed as the Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee (AALCC) in 1958.

Source: Name News Network