Kuwait’s EPA: Vehicles’ CO2 emission “down” due to COVID-19 countermeasures


A study of air quality, carried out by the Kuwait Environment Public Authority (EPA), had shown a considerable lowering of CO2 emission and other harmful gases from vehicles due to the partial curfew measures set counter the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread in the country, said an official Monday.
Deputy Direct for EPA’s environmental monitoring Sameera Al-Kanderi said that the air quality had improved with emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and Carbon monoxide (CO1) going down by 25 and 30 percent respectively.
The study — carried out by stations throughout the country — had shown that the air quality had improved recently, she indicated.
In a connected COVID-19 matter, Al-Kanderi said that the EPA would be holding a joint study with the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and the Health Ministry to determine how the coronavirus spreads in closed and open environments.


Source: Kuwait News Agency