Kuwait-based International Islamic Charitable Organization (ICCO) has executed around 10,000 humanitarian and development projects in Jordan since 1997.

The IICO executed various projects in Jordan like social development, building of mosques, helping needy in poor areas, health and educational services, taking care of orphans as well as assisting the Syrian refugees.

IICO’s office in Jordan follows a simple motto, offering indiscriminate help for the needy regardless of their faith, color or ethnicity, office director Khalil Hamad said in a statement to KUNA on the 20th anniversary of the office’s establishment.

He said the office carried out its first project in 1998, and it dealt with social development.

Social development, he explained, was about helping poor families set up small businesses to improve their economic and social conditions.

The office, said Hamad, succeeded in providing jobs for thousands of families in different parts of Jordan. The office implemented around 4,000 social development projects since 1997.

Hamad said IICO built 38 mosques, which have an essential role in Muslim societies, in addition to seasonal projects like offering Iftar (breaking the fast meals) for fasting Muslims during Holy Month of Ramadan, clothes in winter seasons and meat during Muslims’ Eids, or religious feasts.

The IICO office provides financial aid for the orphans, poor families, university students and the disabled, said Hamad.

The office, he said, built four health centers in different areas of Jordan to offer medical care for the poor and needy. The centers dedicated free days for tens of thousands of people unable to pay.

On education, Hamad said the office has been offering financial assistance to thousands of poor university students, as well as providing school bangs for 40,000 students.

On IICO’s campaign to help the Syrian refugees in Jordan, Hamad said the office began its campaigns in October 2011 to help around 1.3 million refugees.

The Syrian conflict broke out in March 2011, and the crisis killed more than 300,000 people and injured many more. The conflict displaced millions of Syrians internally, and forced millions others to seek refuge in neighboring countries and Europe.

The IICO’s office, said Hamad, was implementing social relief projects, as well as help provide educational and health services.

“Tens of thousands of Syrian refugee families has been benefiting from the relief campaigns implemented by the office,” he said.

The office has also provided tens of thousands of food parcels, financial aid to help refugee families pay their rents, buy clothes and household items.

The office, said Hamad, built and equip a school in the northern Mafraq district, and provided three buses for students.

The IICO, which was established by an Amiri Decree in 1984 to help needy around the globe, is relentless in helping people in need in Jordan regardless of their faith or background.

Source: NAM News Network