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KUWAIT,- Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior (MoI), has taken concrete steps, to relieve congestion and ensure thorough inspection of baggage, at Kuwait International Airport, a press statement by the ministry said, on Saturday.

These steps will be in full effect in record time, and when implemented, will produce a tangible difference to all commuters, the statement noted, adding that, the ministry has partnered with various bodies to curb congestion at the airport.

Moreover, the statement cautioned citizens and expatriates alike, to ignore rumours that have been swirling, about a state of pandemonium at the airport, saying that, authorities will not accept any form of negligence.

The statement also affirmed that no security mishaps have taken place, calling on all concerned parties, to boost collective efforts, to ensure rigid security as summer travel season approaches.

Meanwhile, the ministry has enlisted the aid of reputable international companies, that are adept at security operations and are up to par with international standards, the statement added.

The statement also revealed that, the number of kiosks used to process passports in the departure and arrival halls has been increased to a total of 22 and 20 counters, respectively.

Other steps include more measures taken to ensure punctuality in flight schedules, while security checkups have been beefed up, to allow for a more seamless and safe transport.-

Source: Name News Network