Kuwait’s parl’t demands decisive stances against ‘Zionist’ plan

– Kuwait’s National Assembly on Sunday called on world’s parliaments to adopt decisive stances against the unilateral ‘Zionist’ step aiming to annex some Palestinian territories in the West Bank.
In a statement, the Assembly said the move runs counter to international resolutions and agreements.
The step is a “new nail in the coffin” of the peace process and the legitimate Palestinian right to self-determination and establishing an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital, the statement pointed out.
“We follow up with a great concern and sorrow the unilateral Zionist plan aiming to annex wide and vital parts of Palestinian territories in the West Bank,” it added.
This will end plans of peace and settlement, and negatively affect Palestinian economy and society; already suffering from the occupation and the Apartheid Wall, it noted.
The legislature urged all Arab, Muslim and world’s governments to take punitive measures against the Israeli occupation and implement effective solidarity steps backing steadfastness and struggle of Palestinians people so as to alleviate their humanitarian, economic and social sufferings.
It also appealed to world’s nations to express solidarity stances with Palestinians and boycott the Israeli entity so as to compel it to stop its crimes against Palestinians, the statement concluded


Source: Kuwait News Agency

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