Legal Expert: Iraq May Return To Chapter Seven If Political, Security And Economic Crises Continue

The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, confirmed that if the political, security and economic crises continued, the Security Council might return Iraq to the international trusteeship.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / received a copy of, “There is a money laundering agreement for the year 2005 related to the recovery of smuggled money in accordance with articles 55 and 56 of them, and Iraq signed it in Law 35 of 2007,” indicating: “The value of smuggled money is estimated with 500 billion dollars. “

He made it clear that “the US Federal Bank has $ 65 billion belonging to the previous regime, and it is the property of the Iraqi people that Iraq can demand in accordance with Article 28 of the Iraqi-American Strategic Agreement of 2008, which allows Iraq to request economic aid from America.”

Al-Tamimi stated that: “According to Article 50 of the United Nations Charter, countries that are fighting parties, which are under Chapter Seven, may request economic assistance from the Security Council, and Britain and France have declared their readiness to help.”

He pointed out: “Iraq is still under Chapter VI of the UN Charter because of the existence of financial belongings with Kuwait worth 4 and a half billion dollars, and if the political, security and economic crises continue, the Security Council may return Iraq to the international trusteeship, that is, Chapter Seven of the United Nations Charter.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency