Light rain Mon. to increase gradually until early Wed. – forecaster

Kuwait is expected to see some light rain Monday, increasing gradually to peak by Tuesday afternoon until early Wednesday, according to meteorologist.

The rainy conditions are caused by a deep surface low pressure accompanied by moist air rising into the atmosphere, creating mid and low-level cumulus clouds, said Amira Al-Azmi to KUNA.

Sea conditions are expected to be turbulent as south easterly winds of 70km/h could increase wave height to 8ft, said Al-Azmi.

A noticeable rise in temperature on Monday and Tuesday as highs are expected to hit 24-27 degrees Celsius, added Al-Azmi.

Conditions will start to improve as a dry cold weather front will make its way on Wednesday causing temperatures to drop especially at night in the inland areas and creating fog, she concluded.

Source: Kuwait News Agency