Mafraq Hospital announces Establishment of multidisciplinary Breast Imaging Centre of excellence

WAM Abu Dhabi, Feb 20th, 2013 (WAM) — Mafraq Hospital, owned and operated by the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC (SEHA), today announced the expansion of the scope of its multimodality Breast Imaging Centre of Excellence.

The centre already offers breast cancer patients access to a multidisciplinary team of physicians to ensure a comprehensive and specialized treatment plan and will no specialize in screening too with experts from Mafraq Hospital reading images sent from other breast screening health facilities in Abu Dhabi.

Offering a range of treatments and screening procedures, including mammography, ultrasound, MRI, and minimally invasive breast core biopsies, the centre addresses the burden of breast cancer – the second leading cause of death in females in Abu Dhabi – across the UAE. Radiologists analyze images from mammograms and ultrasounds for any abnormalities. Catching breast cancer early can often be the key to a woman living or dying and the Mafraq Hospital team has many years of experience in accurate reading of all types of images.

Dr. Rola Shaheen, Acting Chair of Radiology and Chief of Women’s Imaging at Mafraq Hospital, spearheading breast imaging planning at SEHA, and previous Regional Director, Middle East for Susan G. Komen for the Cure said: “Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UAE, and in 2010, accounted for roughly 46 per cent of all diagnosed cancer cases in females living in the country. Screening for women over 40 years of age is a must and I am delighted that HAAD have trusted us a center for the reading of breast screening images.’ Mafraq Hospital has been licensed by HAAD as a breast screening center in Abu Dhabi where women can receive educational material, clinical breast examination and a screening mammogram for women 40 and older. We encourage all breast imaging centers in Abu Dhabi to implement HAAD guidelines for breast screening accreditation.

The hospital launched its �Ana Rosa’ initiative in September 2012 a health education and screening initiative created exclusively for women. The goal of Ana Rosa is to reduce the risk of breast cancer across the UAE by continually creating awareness and education on breast health. As part of this screening campaign Mafraq Hospital also has 100 female employees, plus wives of hospital employees, booked in for free mammograms by 21 February.

Dr. Shaheen is also part of the task force charged with developing the official HAAD standards for breast cancer management and delivers regular workshops to educate breast cancer specialists and radiologists across the Emirate.

Regular mammograms – non-invasive breast cancer screening tests – are recommended for all women over 40 years of age; high risk patients may need to start at an earlier age based on thorough evaluation at a breast care clinic. Dr. Shaheen and her team are available 5 days a week.


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