Malaysia does not fear Chinese, US military presence in region: PM

KUALA LAMBUR, Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad assured on Thursday that his country is not threatened by the US plan to deploy missiles in the Asia-Pacific region or by Chinese warships there.

In a press statement issued during his visit to Vladivostok, Russia, where he is attending the Eastern Economic Forum, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said, “At the moment, Malaysia does not feel threatened”. “There are Chinese warships in the South China Sea and Americans have also come there, but we don’t see that as a threat directly against Malaysia,” said the premier whose remarks were carried by the national media here.

“The possibility of accidents happening is what worries us. If accidents happen and lead to some fighting, we are not going to be involved. We don’t want to take sides with anyone”, he continued.

Earlier, he described the US-China trade war as “a waste of time, money and not very productive” and called on the two countries to negotiate or resort to international arbitration to settle their affairs.

In August, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that he would like to take proactive measures to deploy medium-range missiles in Asia in the coming months to contain the expansion of Chinese influence in the region.

Source: Kuwait News Agency