Mexico – Italy participates in Week Solar Anes

ItalItaly also participated in the 15th National Week Solar Energy Association Mexican Anes. For the occasion and ‘intervened scientific officer of our embassy in Mexico City, Emilia Giorgetti, with a presentation on renewable energy in Italy and the state of the S & T cooperation between our country and Mexico. At the meeting, that has’ held in Puebla October 17 to 21, participated in the sector, diplomatic representatives of Germany and the United States, academics belonging to the main Mexican institutions and students. During the meeting, however, and it ‘for the release of a contest for children of nursery and primary schools on the topic of solar energy. The Mexican National Association for Solar Energy and ‘a non-profit civil order, whose legal objectives are to provide a platform for the discussion of ideas, discussion and the exchange of results and in general for the dissemination and promoting the use of solar energy in its manifestations of radiation and phenomena that occur indirectly as wind, biomass and hydropower. The Anes, representative in Mexico of the International Solar Energy Society (Ses), also works to try to influence in a firm and final state agencies that make up the energy policy of the country, with a solid technical and scientific subjects and with a clear awareness of ‘ importance and the role they should have different forms of solar energy in the country’s future development

Source: Farnesina