Minister Al-Aqil praises efforts by state institutions in improving environmental conditions

– The Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister of State for Kuwaiti Economic Affairs, Mariam Al-Aqil, praised the efforts of the governmental, private, and voluntary institutions in improving the environmental conditions in the country.
In a press statement, Thursday, Al-Aqil said that the recent progress made by Kuwait in the Global Environmental Performance Index came as a result of the good handling of new policies of the Environment Public Authority in accordance with the Environmental Protection Law (No. 42 of 2014) and its amendments.
The minister expressed her thanks to the Environment Public Authority staff for their efforts, which reflected positively to highlight an aspect of development in managing the environmental affairs in the country.
Kuwait recorded a leap in the global environmental performance index, according to the Environmental Center of the American University (Yale), coming 47th globally out of 180 countries. .


Source: Kuwait News Agency


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