Mobile ballot boxed for disabled voters in Turkey

ISTANBUL, For first time in the history of Turkey’s elections, the Supreme Electoral Council offers the service of mobile ballot boxes for people with special needs due to illeness and disability to cast their votes for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections due in June 24.

Anadolou news Agency quoted officials at Electoral Council as saying that this service will allow the voters to ballot from their home residence.

In order to activate this privilege, relatives of the disabled voter should fill in a disability form and send it to the electoral committee of their region to submit an order for gaining a mobile ballot box, it added.

According to the latest constitutional changes, the country will be moving from the parliamentary system to a presidential one.

Turkey held on April 20, 2017, a public referendum, which resulted in constitutional changes including the change of ruling system, that resulted in increasing the number of MPs and decreasing the age of candidates.

Upcoming election due in less than two months is the first one that during which people will choose the President of the country and the MPs in the same day.

Meanwhile, number of the MPs will also differ, as it will increase from 550 to 600, and the age of candidacy was reduced from 25 to 18, besides other changes.

According the these changes, the public and presidential elections were due to take place in the same day on November 3, 2019.

The date was changed after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on April 18 a suggestion presented by The Justice and Development Party, The Nationalist Movement Party and The Nationalist Movement Party of conducting the presidential and parliamentary elections on June 24, 2018.

In such polls, the political parties to take part in the elections are allowed to form coalitions.

In such case, the concerned parties it should send the “coalition protocol” that carries the signature of the participating political parties to the Supreme Electoral Council through electronic or paper form one the set date.

The coalition’s political parties can abandon it comprehensively through an announcement to be issued till May 18, which comes before the date of the elections with five days.

In case of the parties withdrew of the coalition, the remaining parties could continue their coalition by changing the protocol, or they can also abandon it till May 19.

Source: Kuwait News Agency