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Mogherini: EU’s FMs reconfirm unity on Iran nuclear deal

BRUSSELS, European Union (EU) Foreign Ministers Monday strongly reconfirmed their unity in support of keeping the Iranian nuclear deal intact following the US withdrawal from the agreement, said EU High Representative Federica Mohgerini.

Addressing a press conference after a meeting of EU Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels this afternoon, she said: “We decided to continue work in terms of coordinating the EU mechanisms and measures to protect the economic investments of European businesses which are engaged in Iran.” “But this is not about economic interest. This is about security interests for the EU because in the absence of a nuclear deal with Iran we believe the security of the region and Europe will be at stake, “stressed the EU foreign policy chief.

“We intend to act as fast as possible,” she said but added: “We are facing certain complexities …and serious measure in a serious complex situation takes time.” The ministers also exchanged views on Gaza and expressed complete unity of views first of all to act immediately in coordination with the EU partners to avoid further losses of lives and guaranteeing that humanitarian access to Gaza is created, said Mogherini.

Source: Kuwait News Agency