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MoH: Kuwait seeks global stem cell transplant recognition

The State of Kuwait is keen on becoming a global center for stem cell transplant earning international recognition for this field of medicine, said a health official on Wednesday.

Speaking at the first Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Conference, Kuwait Institute for Medical Specializations (KIMS) Secretary General Dr. Fawaz Al-Refaee commended the holding of the event, saying that it came to crown years of effort build infrastructure for this medial speciality.

He affirmed that the health authorities in Kuwait would continue to seek all measures to improve healthcare for all individuals including children.

On her part, head of the stem cell unit in the NBK’s children hospital and chair of the conference Dr. Sondus Al-Sharidah said that the event would held on an annual basis to develop Kuwait’s stem cell research reputation.

She revealed that 25 transplant operations were conducted at the NBK hospital since 2020 despite the spread of the coronavirus, attributing this success to the ministry’s tremendous support.

Stem cell transplants is a leading remedy used in modern tool treating genetic disease cause cancer and other ailments, she pointed out, adding that it was important to initiative a national registry and database for stem cell donors to provide adequate treatment for patients needing transplants.

There are 25 cases awaiting stem cell transplants, which an indicator for the importance of such method, Dr. Al-Sharidah said.

Speaking to the press on the sideline of the conference, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said that the stem cell transplant program was initiated in 2020, adding that 25 patients — suffering from various blood diseases benefited from the program.

Prior to stem cell transplants, there is a long process to prepare patients, which efforts required cooperation and coordination amongst several medical authorities, said Al-Sanad.

Now the stem cell program joined other medical transplant programs, which is an addition to the Kuwaiti medical sector, he affirmed.

Source: Kuwait News Agency