MoH Spokesman stresses stability of coronavirus numbers, urges to remain cautious

Kuwait has become one of the countries that witness a decline and stability in the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers, Ministry of Health (MoH) Spokesman Abdullah Al-Sanad said Wednesday, but cautioned to continue with health preventive measures.

This happened, thanks to Allah, and cooperation of society’s people and institutions as well as keenness on implementing precautionary measures, he added in a news conference.

He expressed his optimism about this stable situation, calling for, at the same time, continuing to adhere to these measures.

MoH’s hospitals are witnessing a decline in number of patients at wards and intensive care units, reaching 8 and 10 percent respectively, he noted.

He highly lauded the Ministry’s medical staff, and the main partners of different official bodies and institutions for their cooperation to combat the virus pandemic.

Al-Sanad noted that the MoH wishes the safety of humanity in all parts of the earth, especially in the areas that are seeing an increase in numbers of the virus pandemic.

He prayed to Allah Almighty to eradicate this epidemic and protect everyone.

The world has witnessed the UK’s approval of using COVID-19 vaccine that has been developed by Oxford University, he said.

He hoped that Kuwait would get this vaccine after the completion of some local and global measures taken to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

He renewed his call for all citizens and residents to avoid travelling outside Kuwait at present, “unless absolutely necessary”.

Source: Kuwait News Agency