MoI sectors prepared for any eventuality – Official

KUWAIT, Undersecretary of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior Lt.-Gen. Esam Al-Nahham affirmed Thursday that all sectors of the Ministry are ready to address any eventuality.

The security services are working around the clock to guard against any ramifications of the situation in the region, he in a statement posted on the Ministry’s Instagram account.

Lt-Gen. Al-Nahham made the comments after chairing a senior-level security meeting where he was briefed on the preparedness of all sectors of the Ministry.

The meeting was part of the field joint action by all sectors and coordination to address the possible scenario of the developments in the region, the statement noted.

Lt-Gen. Al-Nahham conveyed to the leaders of the security sectors the greetings of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Acting Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh who appreciates their dedication to protection of the country’s security and stability.

Lt-Gen. Al-Nahham reiterated the call for everybody to rely for news on official sources, such as the Ministry’s Security Media Department, and avoid circulating rumor that could jeopardize the safety and security of country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency