Morocoo’s coach Renard proud of his team despite elimination

Morocco’s team manager Herve Renard expressed how proud of his players despite elimination from World Cup, as did Portugal’s manager Fernando Santos, whose team was leading Group B temporarily.

After Morocco ended their World Cup journey after today’s loss, Renard came out to say in post-game news conference, “I am not disappointed with the performance, and very proud with the players, I am very proud with the country, I am very proud of the staff.” In response to a question on Noureddine Amrbat’s head protection he was wearing at the beginning but took it off after 30 minutes of the match start, Renard said, “I am lucky to have a player like Amrabat with a warrior spirit.” Renard added, “We qualified for a World Cup after 20 years and we’ve showed that we can play football, we do play football.” The Moroccan coach was delighted with the atmosphere in the stadium saying, “in this Moscow stadium we felt like we were playing in Casablanca, which helped us a great deal.” Santos was pleased with the final score but pointed out his team’s performance was lacking. “It’s a World Cup. This is a strong team, as were Morocco, but we have to grow. We did well defensively, and we played well, but we need more than that. We have to change and earn more possession.” Santos joked when answering a question regarding how Cristiano Ronaldo has been performing so well at Russia 2018, “He has a great coach!” Portugal goes to lead Group B following its win today to stand with four points ahead of Iran and Spain’s match later tonight to settle the scoreboard for the next stage.

Source: Kuwait News Agency