Mubariz Gurbanli: “The attempts of Armenia to built and use an airport in Khankendi is the next provocation, it is a blow to negotiations process”

Baku: Rashad Suleymanov ; “Today, Azerbaijan makes real proposals for the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict through negotiations and makes great efforts to achieve peace.

But the Armenian side shows the opposite position and continues it provocations. Of course, the impact of the third force shows itself here. The third force is interested in using Armenia as a tool in this issue,” said Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), MP Mubariz Gurbanli in his interview to the website of the party, APA reports.

According to him, Armenians always organize some provocations to prevent the negotiations process. The Nagorno Karabakh problem, its anatomy, progress of negotiations and proposals made up to now are known to the society: “Armenia wants to use time for its own benefit by prolonging the negotiations.

Azerbaijan improved and strengthened its defensive capacity. The Armenian side wants to delay the negotiations process with certain maneuvers. But when the Azerbaijani side makes real proposals, Armenians can’t say anything. They took steps directed to violation of the process.

The attempts of Armenia to built and use the airport in Khankendi are the next provocation, it is a blow to negotiations process. Which airport can be constructed in the occupied area? What is its aim? On the other hand, there are no people in this area to use this airport. The economic opportunities of the Armenian people don’t allow it. It is a provocation.”

Gurbanli also added that holding of “elections” by Armenians in the occupied areas is also the next provocation. Neither Azerbaijan nor the other international organizations recognize these so-called “presidential elections”: “Holding of such “elections” aims to hide the separatist regime in the occupied areas. In fact, military robber regime here is included into the system considered as the occupied area and official Yerevan manages it.”

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