Municipality of Abu Dhabi City reviews DUBAL expertise in Employees Suggestions Program

WAM ABU DHABI, 28 May, 2013: A delegation from the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has reviewed the Employees Suggestions Program implemented by the Dubai Aluminum Company (DUBAL).

Salih Jani, Senior Manager of Business Excellence and Quality Control at DUBAL received the delegation led by Mohammed Ateeq Al Hamli, Head of Quality Section, Corporate Excellence Division, Strategic Planning ‘&’ Performance Management Sector.

Salih Jani, made a visual presentation about the program and highlighted the results achieved over the past years, and reviewed the business process that governs the general policies and controls set for streamlining employees participation under the approved suggestions program.

“Employees Suggestions System has become an integral part of the Company’s strategy and positive results cannot be achieved without seriously adopting such a system and capitalizing on deliverables to ensure sustained quality improvements and enhance the standing of the Company locally and internationally,” he said.

For his part, Mohammed Ateeq Al Hamli said: “Visit to DUBAL is part of the Municipality’s strategy to keep abreast of the latest practices and successful programs adopted at the national and international levels in order to share knowledge. DUBAL has made tremendous successes in implementing Employees Suggestions System. Thanks to the implementation of this system coupled with a prudent vision and strategic planning, DUBAL headed the list of international businesses; which is a source of our pride ‘&’ admiration.” During the meeting, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City made a visual presentation about the achievements made by the Municipality to benefit employees and the entire community and contribute to realizing the vision of Abu Dhabi Government aimed at ranking amongst the top governments worldwide.



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