NATO accuses Russia of violating INF treaty

BRUSSELS, NATO foreign ministers Tuesday said Russia is in violation of the intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), and called on Moscow to preserve the INF Treaty.

“Russia’s violation of the INF Treaty erodes the foundations of effective arms control and undermines Allied security. This is part of Russia’s broader pattern of behaviour that is intended to weaken the overall Euro-Atlantic security architecture,” the ministers said in a statement after their meeting in Brussels today.

“We continue to aspire to a constructive relationship with Russia, when Russia’s actions make that possible. We remain open to dialogue with Russia, including in the NATO-Russia Council,” it said.

Speaking at a press conference tonight, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said “we don’t want a new arms race. We don’t want a new Cold War. So Allies will continue to work for a better relationship with Russia.” Meanwhile, earlier today NATO Foreign Ministers met with the Foreign Ministers of Georgia and Ukraine on Tuesday to address the security situation in the Black Sea region and the Alliance’s support for both nations.

The Alliance remains committed to strengthening its ties with both Georgia and Ukraine, stressed Stoltenberg.

Source: Kuwait News Agency