No secret agreements out from US-Russian summit – amb

No secret agreements resulted from the recent US-Russian summit, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said on Wednesday, referring to the significant meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland last Monday.

Antonov, in press remarks, said; if anything, the summit contributed in decreasing disputes between both countries regarding many issues, indicating that Russia will help Trump in his efforts of boosting bilateral ties.

Presidents Putin and Trump worked hard to reach convergence points and means to resolve disputes, the ambassador noted.

Antonov defended the nuclear agreement with Iran, saying that it was a point of disagreement between the two leaders during the summit.

The summit also tackled the situation in Syria, where Russia offered a number of suggestion to resolve the issue; the diplomat added without explaining their nature.

The Syrian Army is working on eliminating terrorist groups, he affirmed.

The senior diplomat carried on saying that among the issues discussed during the summit was the fate of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), expressing doubts that the US is working to “undermine” such agreement.

Putin did not mention the US sanctions against Russia, while both sides discussed the cooperation in the economic field.

In response to Russians meddling in the US elections, Antonov called for the need of providing evidence and proof of such claims instead of accusing Russia bluntly.

Source: Kuwait News Agency