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OIR partner force captures nine IS militants in deconfliction zone S. Syria

WASHINGTON, The Maghawir Al-Thowra (MaT), an Operation Inherent Resolve partner force in Syria, detained 11 so-called Islamic State (IS) inside the 55-kilometer deconfliction zone (DCZ) in southern Syria earlier this week, CENTCOM announced Friday.

CENTCOM said in a statement that MaT interdicted IS in Iraq and Syria, “believed to be traveling from southwest Syria, while conducting unilateral counter-Daesh operations inside the DCZ,” referring to IS acronym in Arabic.

Commanding General of special Operations Joint Task Force-Operation inherent Resolve James Jarrard said, “this is evidence of our partner forces?’ effectiveness in the counter-Daesh fight.

“As Daesh movement from southwest Syria continues, our partners will interdict and disrupt these forces to ensure the defeat of Daesh in the region,” he added.

The statement noted that MaT members conduct daily counter-IS patrols to support Coalition Forces in the defeat-IS mission and to provide security and stability to those living in the DCZ.

This detention of 11 fighters follows the arrest of nine IS fighters on July 7.

Source: Kuwait News Agency