One Iraqi killed, dozens others wounded in anti-corruption protests

BAGHDAD, One person was killed and 24 others injured in anti-corruption protests erupted in Nasiriyah city, south of Iraq, Iraqi police said, adding that some 50 others were wounded in Al Diwaniyah governorate.

Fire set to a number of government buildings in southern cities after the protesters broke into these facilities, a source at police told KUNA.

Many protesters gathered in the southern Karbala governorate and headed to the municipal government building, while police cordoned off the area.

Meanwhile, dozens of protesters headed to Baghdad airport in an attempt to break into the facility, while security forces try to prevent them.

The protesters blocked roads in some residential areas in Baghdad after setting fire to tires, while some others moved to Tahrir square in the heart of the capital, Baghdad. Anti-rioting forces deployed in these areas to deal with the situation.

In the same context, Iraq’s national security council, headed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, stressed the necessity of protecting citizens and public properties.

This came following increased protests erupted in Baghdad and some Iraqi cities.

The council held an emergency meeting to follow up the incidents, describing them as “sorrowful”.

The council stressed its keenness on maintaining the freedom of demonstration and expression as well as meeting legitimate demands of the protesters.

It denounced at the same time acts, which were associated with the protests, describing them as “sabotage”.

The council called for taking all appropriate measures to protect citizens, and public and private properties as well as direct all government efforts to meet the legitimate demands of the protesters.

A number of Iraqi cities have been witnessing massive protests in which many people were killed or wounded. The protests are calling for improving public services, combating corruption and providing jobs.

Source: Kuwait News Agency