One killed after Iran fuel price hike – ISNA

TAHRAN, At least one person was killed and several injured in Iran’s last protests in Sirjan city Saturday after the government imposed unexpected fuel hike.

“One person was killed in Sirjan, but we are investigating whether he was killed by the security forces who were trying to bring back calm to the city,” Iran Students News Agency (ISNA) quoted local official Mohammad abadi as saying.

Protestors also broke out in other cities including Mashhad, Birjand, Ahvaz, Gachsaran, Abadan, Khoramshahr, Mahshahr, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas, he added.

Abadi clarified that security forces did not have permission to shoot and were only allowed to fire warning shot.

Demonstrations broke out around Iran on Friday night after the government raised the price of fuel by at least 50 percent.

Source: Kuwait News Agency