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OPCW confirms use of Sarin, Chlorine in Ltamenah, Syria

The Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), has confirmed in a report that sarin was very likely used as a chemical weapon in the south of Ltamenah, Syria on March 24, 2017.

According to an OPCW press release late Wednesday, the FFM also concluded that chlorine was very likely used as a chemical weapon at Ltamenah Hospital and the surrounding area on March 25, 2017.

The conclusions for the March 24 and 25 incidents are based on separate witness testimony, epidemiological analysis and environmental samples.

The collection of information and material, interviewing witnesses, as well as analysis of samples required a longer period to draw conclusions, said the OPCW based at The Hague, Netherlands.

In response to persistent allegations of chemical weapon attacks in Syria, the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) was set up in 2014 with an on-going mandate to establish facts surrounding allegations of the use of toxic chemicals, reportedly chlorine, for hostile purposes in Syria.

The FFM’s mandate is to determine whether chemical weapons or toxic chemicals as weapons have been used in Syria. It does not include identifying who is responsible for alleged attacks.

Source: Kuwait News Agency