Opening of Nassib crossing will have positive economic impact on Lebanon — President Aoun

BEIRUT, Lebanese President Michel Aoun confirmed on Monday the importance of re-opening of Jaber-Nassib border crossing between Jordan and Syria in reducing expenses of exporting Lebanese products to other Arab countries.

In a statement by Lebanese Presidency, President Auon said the opening of the border checkpoint will reconnect Lebanon with its neighbors, allowing movement of people and goods from Lebanon to the Arab countries and vice versa.

He stressed on positive impact the decision will have on production sectors in the country, calling on Lebanese officials to benefit from this opportunity and support national economy by “conducting a national vision to improve its economy that will enable Lebanon to face the challenges of the current crisis.” Jordan reopened the Jaber-Nassib crossing today.

The vital passageway for trade between Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and the Gulf region, was closed in April 2015 due to security conditions on the Syrian side of the border.

Bulk of the Lebanese exports to the Gulf region passes through this border passageway between Syria and Jordan.

Source: Kuwait News Agency