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Overnight rains to increase on Friday, heavier in areas – forecasts

KUWAIT, After a few days of calm the weather will take a likely shift once more to scattered rains, which will be thunderous at times and will increase during the daytime tomorrow, albeit heavier in some areas, a forecaster said on Thursday.

Satellite images reveal that the country is experiencing unstable weather conditions, including the accumulation of cumulus low and medium clouds, said Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi of the Kuwait Meteorological Department.

The chance for mid to heavy rains is likely to occur over varied intervals on Saturday and Sunday, he added.

This could lead to the accumulation of water and flash floods in some areas, particularly those with remaining water from previous rainfall.

Al-Qarawi also indicated to a rise in wind speeds to over 60km/h resulting in waves building up to more than 7 feet and poor horizontal vision in some areas of the country.

Conditions will gradually improve as of Monday morning, he added, urging the public to visit the Kuwait Meteorological Department website: to follow the latest updates and public warnings

Source: Kuwait News Agency