– The Palestinian presidency refused on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks, on keeping a permanent Israeli security power over the Jordan valley, once both reach a peace treaty.

Presidency spokesperson, Nabil Abu Rdina, considered the remarks of extending control on the area of the West Bank Valley, as a message to U.S. President Donald Trump and to the international community.

“This message states that Israel is not willing to make peace, on the principles of justice and international legitimacy,” he said, in a press release.

Abu Rdineh added, “Such remarks create an atmosphere that complicate the situation, with no help to succeed the efforts, aimed to achieve peace and stability in the region.”

He previewed the previous meeting between President Mahmoud Abbas and President Trump, during the latter’s visit to the West Bank, adding, “They paved the way to a rare peace, but Israel tried to lose this opportunity by rejecting peace.”

Abu Rdina referred to the Israeli side as attempting to impede all the Arabic and international, and especially, the U.S. efforts, to configure the atmosphere for lunching a serious peace process, confirming that the Israeli stance will lead to more dissociate in the region and effected on the political scene for years

Source: NAM News Network