Palestine slams int’l community’s silence on Israeli crimes

RAMALLAH, Palestine’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that it is deeply concerned about the international community’s silence in face of the Israeli crimes and human rights violations against the Palestinian people.

It added that the UN Security Council does not assume its legal and moral responsibility towards these violations and crimes.

The international silence over crimes and abuses committed by the occupation forces is a crime, the ministry noted in a press release.

The ministry reiterated that it would resort to the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into these crimes and holding Israeli officials to account.

Despite the international condemnations of the Israeli crimes and violations against Palestinians participating in the peaceful “March of Return” on the borders of the Gaza Strip and the international calls to stop these crimes, Israeli occupation authorities continue violently suppressing these marches with live bullets, it elaborated.

The ministry considered firing live bullets and killing of unarmed protesters as well as destroying olive trees as various forms of state terrorism organized, supported, encouraged and financed by the Israeli government.

Source: Kuwait News Agency