Palestinian gov’t slams Israel for severe crackdown on its people

RAMALLAH, The Palestinian government has bore Israel full responsibility over the deteriorating situation in the occupied territories through its continuing aggression, raids and crackdowns on Palestinians.

The remarks follow a series of incursions by the Israeli Defence Forces last week on cities in the occupied West Bank, including Ramallah.

In a statement, spokesman Yousef Al-Mahoud blamed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration for creating an environment that encourages the undermining of Palestinian sovereignty and incites clashes.

The Palestinians also accused the Israeli government of carrying out an “annihilation plot” of the Middle East issue, namely through plans to fulfill the rumoured ‘deal of the century.’ The Palestinian people are adamant in their stand against those plotting to undermine Palestine and their struggle for freedom, independence and statehood according to the 1967 borders, the official underlined.

Source: Kuwait News Agency