Palestinian president: US Mideast plan violates int’l law

NEW YORK, Feb 11 (KUNA) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated rejection to the recently announced US Middle East peace plan, saying it included 311 breaches to the international law.

It violates international legitimacy and the Arab Peace Initiative and annuls the very legitimacy of Palestinian rights to self determination, freedom and independence, President Abbas said in a speech at a special UN Security Council session on Middle East peace.

He lamented the US plan legitimizes what is illegal: settlements and the annexation of Palestinian land.

“This plan, or any part of it, should not be considered as an international reference for negotiations,” he emphasized.

He noted that it declares that East Jerusalem is no longer under the sovereignty of the State of Palestine.

“That alone is enough for us to reject this plan,” he said, adding that it leaves Palestine fragmented and lacking control over its own land, air and sea; ends the question of Palestine refugees; and ends all steps towards a peace plan.

The Palestinian president suggested that the US entails the entrenchment of occupation and annexation by military force.

Furthermore, it only strengthens an apartheid regime, rewarding the occupation instead of holding it accountable for the crimes it perpetrated against Palestinian land and people, he asserted.

“This plan will not bring peace or stability to the region,” he reiterated, underlining that Palestinians, therefore, will not accept it and will confront its implementation on the ground.

President Abbas urged the UNSC and the Middle East Quartet to organize an international peace conference.

UNSC members must uphold all resolutions, particularly resolution 2334 (2016) and the Arab Peace Initiative, the latter of which is part of resolution 1515 (2003) and establishes an international mechanism to sponsor negotiations between the two sides, he concluded.

For his part, Arab League Secretary General Ahmad Abul Gheit said that the US plan is not compatible with the two state solution.

It does not enshrine any of the Palestinian rights and favors Israel in all negotiable issues, he clarified.

“It offers Israel land, settlements, Jerusalem, security, normalization of relations and peace and offers Palestinians fragmented land without sovereignty, Jerusalem, or acceptable solution to the issue of the Palestinian refugees,” he added.

Abul Gheit affirmed that what the US offers to Palestinians is less than an autonomy.

Palestinians have no other option, but to stand up to their rightful land, he said, adding that the international legitimacy backs them. (pick up previous) asf.ibi

Source: Kuwait News Agency