Palestinians fire over 300 rockets at settlements – Israeli reports

GAZA, Palestinian groups have fired more than 300 rockets at Israeli settlement and towns adjacent to Gaza, press reports in Israel said on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military said it struck 70 targets across Gaza within a five-hour timeframe, it was quoted as telling Yedioth Ahronoth.

As a result, one Israeli soldier has been injured, his condition said to be critical, while Israel’s Iron Dome air defence system was said to have repelled some 60 rockets.

Other reports have mentioned that at least nine Israelis were injured in the coastal city of Ashkelon, which borders Gaza from the north, after their home was destroyed by a Gazan rocket.

On the other side, Palestinian authorities have said Israeli warplanes are continuing their bombardment of Gaza killing at least three Palestinians and wounding several others thus far.

Several nations have condemned the Israeli attacks on Gaza, while the EU has voiced concern over the escalation of violence as a whole.

Source: Kuwait News Agency