Pentagon: US to wait Saudi final assessment on Aramco attack

WASHINGTON, The US Department of Defense will wait until the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announces its final assessment of Aramco assault, Pentagon Spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said on Thursday.

“We are going to work through with the Saudi’s and as they make their assessment of what took place. We will wait until the final assessment is completed with the Saudis and that they have made their declaration,” Hoffman said.

He went on to say that “I will acknowledge that as of this time all indications are we have that Iran is in some way responsible for the attack on the Saudi refineries”.

Regardless of whether this was a proxy or direct attack this has been a dramatic escalation in what we have seen in the past, he noted.

It was very sophisticated, coordinated and it had a dramatic impact on the global market so regardless this has been a dramatic escalation in what “we have seen in the area and we need to get the parties back on the diplomatic path to avoid this type of action”, he mentioned.

He pointed out that Department have the lead on the diplomatic negotiations.

So with respect to that the job at the Department of Defense is to provide the president with options and that is what “we are doing”, he said.

“We provide him with options and then he makes a determination of what to do.

“As we have always said with regard to Iran is our goal is to differ conflict and to put this back on a diplomatic path,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Joint Chiefs Chairman Spokesperson Patrick Ryder said the U.S. Central Command is in consultation with the Saudi’s to discuss potential ways to look at mitigating future attacks.

The US is talking with them (Saudis) in terms of looking at the northern part of the country and what it is that they can do to mitigate, he said.

He unveiled that the CENTCOM forensic team “my understanding is they are still in the area there, still working with the Saudi’s and so that will be going on for some time”.

Replying to Fox News on what he meant in previous remarks by attacks on Saudi Arabia, US President Donald Trump said the US is ready, “if you don’t want to go to war?” “Well, we’ll see what happens. I mean you may have some very strong hit. We’re the strongest military in the world by far… Now we’re very powerful.

“Well, we’ll see what happens. A lot of things could happen. If we can have a peaceful solution, that’s good. It’s possible that that won’t happen. But there’s never been a stronger country militarily. Not even close,” he noted.

A US official who spoke on condition of anonymity to CNN said that “more US troops could head to Saudi Arabia if POTUS this week approves Patriots missiles to KSA (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)”.

Last Saturday, Saudi Arabia said some drones targeted two oil facilities of Aramco, setting fire to them.

Source: Kuwait News Agency