Pompeo says to work on “business-to-business relationships” with Russia

WASHINGTON, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that President Donald Trump asked him to work on “business-to-business relationships” as he meets his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday at the Department of State.

Pompeo told One America News Network, Monday that “we’ll talk about a whole host of things, One of the areas that the President has asked us to work on is business-to-business relationships. We’ll try to work on those.” He added, “there are arms control issues between our two countries. We want to bring China into that discussion as well. I’m sure we’ll talk about that as well.” “There’s a whole handful of topics that we’ll speak to. This is something that Foreign Minister Lavrov and I have been working for a long time,” he affirmed.

Asked if Trump will meet with Lavrov, Pompeo responded, “we’re working on that. I expect he probably will.” Pompeo and Lavrov are scheduled to hold a joint press conference at the State Department on Tuesday.

This is Lavrov’s first official visit to the nation’s capital since 2017.

Source: Kuwait News Agency