Pompeo, Videgaray discuss NAFTA, border security

WASHINGTON, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray met at the State Department on Monday to discuss the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and security along their shared border.

The US and Mexico’s economic interests are “deeply intertwined” as Mexico is the US’ second largest export market, Pompeo said in remarks alongside Videgaray.

The leaders discussed modernizing NAFTA and continuing to work on the agreement with Canada.

In part of being neighboring countries, the US and Mexico trade USD 1.7 billion in goods across the border each day.

“We seek to improve efficiency at ports of entry to support legitimate flow of commerce between our two countries,” Pompeo said.

But in part of the shared border, the Secretary asserted the two discussed work to enhance shared security by disrupting transnational crime and halting the flow of drugs.

“Our security is linked to one another’s,” Pompeo said adding that the countries have “made progress” diplomatically and it will “continue to be a priority for the admnistation.” Finally, on Venezueala, Pompeo noted the regional consensus on the crisis.

“We urge our entire hemisphere to impost strict accountability on the corrupt and brutal (Nicolas) Maduro regime,

Source: Kuwait News Agency