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Portugal coach set on next stage against Uruguay

After qualifying to the round of 16, Portugal manager Fernando Santos directs his focus on the next match, while Iran’s coach Carlos Queiroz was honored with what his players presented in the World Cup in spite of elimination after today’s draw with Portugal.

Santos came out to the press conference with eyes set on the next match saying, “The main conclusion is that we are going to continue to be playing and that is what we meant to do, to remain here, but first I would like to give congratulations to Carlos for the excellent work he is done ahead of the Iranian national team, and they have proven themselves again with these matches that are very well organized.

“The important thing is to think about the round of 16 match, think about the game, get (to) know your adversaries and then to get well prepared mentally and physically, regardless of it being Uruguay or the host,” added Santos.

When asked about facing Uruguay next, Santos answered, “Spain drew with Morocco today, and there have been difficult games all over, Spain is a favourite, so in fact there are no easy games.” Queiroz was pleased with the performance today saying, “It was a football game that we honoured and we brought prestige to the World Cup. It was a very competitive World Cup game, minute by minute, duel by duel, playing against one of the best teams in the world.” Queiroz added, “I think Iran, without any doubt, with the discipline, with the attitude, with the way we controlled the game, if there was some justice in football – which doesn’t exist – only one winner would have come out in this game.” The standings of Group B starts off with Spain in the lead and Portugal second, as each side faces of with teams from Group A in the round 16. Spain will play against the hosting team Russia, while Portugal faces Uruguay.

Source: Kuwait News Agency