Professional Advice from JJ’s House: Four Things You Have to Know Before Purchasing Your Wedding Gowns

HONG KONG, April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire — While every bride wishes to be the most charming lady at their wedding, they often get lost choosing their wedding gowns. Here at JJ’s House, together with our chief designer Michael Jones, we’re offering great insights into what to choose and how to wear wedding gowns.

Factors to consider when choosing wedding gowns

Though colors and fabric textures matter most, details should be meticulously considered as well, including necklines, back designs, lengths, and many other factors. One trick for petite women; wearing empire dresses with accent wrinkles in the waistline make you look taller and more slender. Avoid exaggerated designs in shoulders, like balloon sleeves, which visually drag down your body. For full-figured women, choose straight-line dresses with a few embellishments and avoid high necklines and complex designs in waistlines.

Common mistakes to avoid

1. Long gloves make your arms look slender.
If you have well-developed arms, gloves in white or ivory can make them look chubbier.

2. Satins are better than taffeta.
Michael believes this varies with different personalities. For brides that are girlish and sweet, taffeta fits better since satins make them look mature.

3. Fishtail gowns only fit slim figures.
As long as you have a flat belly, you may fit gracefully into a fishtail wedding dress. In fact, fishtail dresses can elongate your bodyline visually.

The necessity of trying on a dress before purchasing

It’s not always necessary to try on a dress before purchasing as long as you know your exact size. Another major concern is color deviation. Fortunately, JJ’s House offers swatches with free shipping, lending you a sense of what these colors look and how the textures feel.

Recommended fashion elements for 2013

“I personally endorse green, the King Color of this year,” said Michael. “I recommend lace-accented dresses in floor-length and high-neckline designs, featuring great feminine details. Illusion necklines are also great if you’re searching for conservative yet charming looks.”

Michael Jones is the chief designer at JJ’s House, an international online store specializing in wedding and occasion dresses, such as prom dresses and cocktail dresses. From JJ’s House’s 2013 Wedding Dresses Collections, young ladies will surely find their must-have wedding gown.

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