Protests continue despite Iraqi PM resignation announcement

BAGHDAD, Protests continued on Saturday in a number of Iraqi provinces despite Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s intention to resign.

Nasiriyah, the largest city in Dhi Qar, experienced again protesters blocking roads and bridges, which witnessed two bloody days that killed 47 protesters in clashes between police.

Activists and journalists from the city told KUNA that the protesters blocked the bridges with burned tires, while others besieged the police headquarters of the province.

Tribal chiefs, clerics and even activists tried to intervene and prevent the protesters from storming the police directorate since it represents the last symbol of authority and law, they added.

They pointed out that the resignation of Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi may not suffice to curb youth anger.

However, health authorities in Dhi Qar have not recorded any casualties today.

Baghdad’s Tahrir Square witnessed celebration due to Abdul Mahdi’s announcement of his intention to resign as clashes between protesters and police forces eased.

The Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq will impose severe penalties for those who disrupt the peaceful demonstrators.

Meanwhile, Iraq is witnessing an unprecedented wave of protests demanding the overthrow of the government and the amendment of the constitution.

Source: Kuwait News Agency