Putin calls for return to forces disegagement deal between Syria, Israel

Russian President Vladimir Putin called Monday for need of returning to the 1974 Disengagement of Forces Agreement between Syria and Israel.

Returning to the agreement will restore calm in Golan Heights, a Syrian strategic plateau occupied by Israel, Putin told a joint news conference with US President Donald Trump in Finland.

He said Russia was interested in restoration of calm in Golan Heights.

“After the elimination of terrorists in southern Syria, the situation of disengagement of forces of 1974 should be restored in order to pave way for compliance with a ceasefire and the security of Israel,” he said.

Russia, he added, was interested in addressing this situation in Golan Heights in line with UN Security Council resolution 338.

Putin called for tackling the humanitarian situation in Syria and to help refugees return to their homes.

Russia and the US share big responsibility to maintain global stability and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, said Putin.

He said he and Putin discussed Ukraine and the two sides have different positions over Crimea. Russia, he added, believed Crimea was not an issue to be discussed.

Trump, meanwhile, said they discussed many issues including alleged Russian interference in US elections, a matter denied by Putin, North Korea and refugees.

He said constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington paved way for global peace and security, as well as nuclear arms non-proliferation.

Trump said Russia contributed to elimination of so-called Islamic State in Syria.

The US President said he and Putin discussed how to maintain pressure on Iran to stop its violent acts in the region.

Source: Kuwait News Agency