Qatar Charity Sponsors 50,000 Orphans

Doha, August 08 (QNA) – The number of orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity locally and abroad has reached around 50,000 located in 30 countries all over Asia, Africa, and Europe as well as Arab countries. Sponsorship projects in countries suffering from exceptional circumstances such as Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia and Bosnia are top priority for the Charity as it provides them with all forms of care including shelter, food, treatment, education and clothing, the Charity said in a press release.
The number of orphans locally sponsored by Qatar Charity has reached 304. It sponsors 6,224 in Palestine and 5,105 in Yemen. In Somalia, the number of orphans reached 3,123 at the end of last December and 1,871 in Sudan. The remaining numbers are distributed over a number of other countries, the statement added.
Orphans in the State of Qatar enjoy comprehensive care in the areas of education, health and society, the Charity affirmed noting that it has established a group to implement a variety of training and cultural activities for male and female orphans, under the umbrella of two of its landmark projects. (QNA)

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