Qatar to celebrate nat’l day Fri.

Qatar is set to celebrate its national day on Friday, as the country sees great achievements and development in different fields.

In these celebrations, Qataris commemorate the efforts and achievements of Sheikh Jassem Al-Thani, who unified the country and led it through different hardships, after succeeding his father Sheikh Mohammad in 1878. Qatar’s wise policies and achievements continue today under the leadership of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani.

This year, Qatar achieved many of its “2030 vision” goals, focusing on sustainable development, boosting economic diversity and developing health and education services.

Also, the country came first in the peace and security list among Middle East and North Africa countries and came 27th internationally, according to the Institute for Economy and Peace. It also came on top of countries with the least crime rate, both among Arab states and globally, according to the Nambio Encyclopedia Index.

Meanwhile, Qatar Central Bank will issue the fifth edition of Qatari currency banknotes tomorrow with enhanced security.

Moreover, in order to ease the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis, Qatar Development Bank granted affected companies interest-free loans without to compensate for their loss.

Qatar also provided financial support of 75 billion Qatari riyal (about USD 2.06 billion) to boost the private sector.

In the oil field, Qatar Petroleum company launched a local and international portfolio for liquefied natural gas.

Doha also executed the Sabah Al-Ahmad giant road project.

Qatar and the UN signed an agreement to establish the UN counter-terrorism program office in Doha. Qatar also opened the international center on global visions on fighting terrorism, the first of its kind in the region and the world.

Another Qatari achievement was when the British Standards Institution (BSI) granted Hamad International Airport the coronavirus aviation safety certification, becoming the first airport around the world to receive this certification.

Source: Kuwait News Agency