Renowned British personalities admire Kuwait’s outgoing envoy for cementing ties

A number of British politicians and MPs have expressed deep appreciation toward the noticeable role played by the outgoing State of Kuwait Ambassador to the United Kingdom Khaled Al-Duwaisan in bolstering further the special relations between the two friendly countries, Kuwait and the UK.

The renowned personalities manifested their admiration of the ambassador’s role at this level at a reception marking end of his tenure, held in London. It was attended by Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Nigel Evans, a large number of legislators and eminent political personalities as well as heads of diplomatic missions in the UK.

Evans, in a statement to KUNA, described the outgoing Kuwaiti envoy, who doubled as the dead of the diplomatic corps in the UK and North Ireland, as a legendary character, an engineer of a bright diplomatic record.

The leading British MP said he was elected as member of the House of Commons in 1992, simultaneously with the assignment of Al-Duwaisan as the State of Kuwait Ambassador in London. Since then, Evans said he had seen him quite active at various levels, drawing great respect from all diplomatic quarters.

Al-Duwaisan had keenly defended his country’s interests and succeeded in knitting a web of solid relations with decision makers, parliamentarians and cultural figures, Evans said, noting that his multiple ties enabled him to have insight about various issues concerning the Middle East and relayed the State of Kuwait voice to the British political quarters.

Kuwait and Britain had been ties with solid relations and cooperation in various realms, but ambassador Al-Duwaisan added a humanitarian aspect to this relationship due to his sincerity and respect for others.

Mr. Evans has added that on this occasion, he has experienced a blend of somber and jubilant sentiments for getting acquainted with the outgoing ambassador and the end of his mandate.

It is not easy to bid farewell lto a personality that “you have known for 30 years,” he said.

Rehman Chiti, member of the British parliament and chairman of the British-Kuwaiti Friendship Society, also heaped praise upon Al-Duwaisan for playing a crucial role in boosting the British-Kuwaiti relations and robustly defending his country’s interests.

MP Chiti added in remarks to the Kuwaiti news agency that Al-Duwaisan employed his diplomatic shrewdness in building a network of relations of multiple dimensions during the three decades he had spent in Britain.

Amanda Milling, the Minister of State for the Middle East, affirmed that it is a tough mission for a diplomat to spend up to 30 years in London, admiring is role as his country’s envoy and dean of the diplomatic corp.

London will miss a personality of such heavy diplomatic weight, she has affirmed.

Source: Kuwait News Agency