Riyadh Accord provides unmissable chance for peace in Yemen PM

ADEN Yemeni Prime Minister Dr. Mueen Abdulmalek Saeed said the Saudibrokered Riyadh Accord, signed by his government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in last November, provided a chance that may not reoccur.

“There is no room for failure in its implementation because the alternatives could be disastrous to everybody,” he said in an interview with KUNA.

Admitting delays in the implementation of some provisions in the Accord, Saeed reminded all parties “failure is not an option at all.” “The alternatives (of the accord) would take their toll on all Yemenis, particularly the citizens. The situation is fragile and there is no room for maneuvering or adventures,” he warned.

Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi issued “clear instructions” to the government to honor all obligations under the deal, he said, noting that his government, has accordingly been making its utmost to do so since the signing of an appended document on last January 9, the under supervision from the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” “The Accord constitutes an integrated and balanced system, covering the political, security and economic aspects of the conflict in Yemen.

“All these tracks lead to the objectives we and our partners in the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen aim at; they are the only way to end the Houthi coup, which is in the best interest of Yemen, the region and beyond.

“The implementation of the Accord will prepare the ground for carrying out indepth reforms in the state bodies, notably the military and security institutions and building a system for combatting terrorism,” the prime minister went on.

He called on all Yemenis to back the legitimate leadership of President Hadi in order to rebuild the state institutions fully, saying, “There is no future without a state authority. There is a project for the state versus one for militias and warlords.” Saeed spoke highly of the fraternal and sincere role of Saudi Arabia in leading the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen and help the Yemeni parties implement the Accord so as to restore security and stability across the country.

The Yemeni prime minister underscored the need of fair peace based on the three points of reference, namely the Gulf Initiative and its executive mechanisms, the outcomes of the national dialogue and the UN Security Council Resolution 2216 (2015).

He affirmed that his government extends hands of peace under the umbrella of these points of reference.

“Any attempt to maneuver or beat around the bush in dealing with the causes of the conflict could only prolong the conflict and award the putschists for the crimes they have committed,” Saeed cautioned.

He cast doubts on the prospects of political consultations between his government and the Houthis, saying, “Such consultations are futile as long as the Houthi putschists persist in their military and economic warfare against the Yemeni people, fail to implement the previouslysigned accords, loot the relief aid and maltreat the aid workers.” “The Houthis’ recent military escalation came as no surprise since this militia carried out the coup d’etat and ignited the conflict in order to serve the agenda of the Iranian regime,” he pointed out.

Saeed recalled the Houthis’ bombardment of civilian targets in Ma’reb, Jawf, Naham, Taizz, AlDali’ and the Western Coast, as well as the attacks on hospitals, displaced persons’ camps and UN observation posts in Hodeidah governorate.

He condemned the Houthi militias for “never believing in peace and paying no attention to the interests of the Yemeni people” as long as they act “on instructions from their financiers in Tehran.” “After long years of the conflict, the international community needs to realize that the Houthi militias seek peace only when they feel militarily cornered; they use this ploy to gain more time and arrange for a new escalation,” he said, citing as an example the incidents in Hodiedah after the signing of Stockholm agreement on December 13, 2018.

Source: Kuwait News Agency