Rome’s Mediterranean forum kicks off with Kuwaiti participation

The Italian capital witnessed on Thursday kickoff of a new session as part of the as part of the Rome Mediterranean Dialogues forum Med 2021, with the participation of a Kuwaiti parliamentary delegation.

The session seventh edition discusses different topics including infrastructure and cooperating in building the Mediterranean future through education, as well as other topics on migration, issues facing women and youth and parliamentary dialogue.

Head of the foreign affairs committee at the National Assembly MP Faris Al-Otaibi is part of the Kuwaiti delegation, in the event organized by the Italian parliament.

The forum also focuses on the role of legislative authorities in covering the needs of providing sufficient amounts of coronavirus vaccines. Moreover, it discusses geopolitical issues such as the developments in Afghanistan and the Middle East, the situation in Libya before the presidential elections and the regional impact of climate change and migration.

Kuwait’s representative will present Kuwait’s humanitarian policy and its experience in dealing with immigrants and refugees’ issues, as well as its role in aiding victims of crises everywhere.

Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi will inaugurate Med’s seventh session on Friday.

Source: Kuwait News Agency