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Russia voices concern over US “unfair” Mideast plans

MOSCOW, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov voiced on Monday his country’s concern over US imposition of “unfair” secretive settlement schemes for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Washington seeks to impose confidential plans to replace the two-state solution with economic projects, in addition to backing away from the international legitimacy’s resolutions, Madrid Principles, and Arab Peace Initiative, said Lavrov.

The Russian foreign minister made his remarks in a joint press conference with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry, reiterating Moscow’s and Cairo’s commitment to these fundamental documents on settlement in the Middle East.

He also called for resolving the current situation in the Arabian Gulf region through constructive dialogue and confidence-building, recalling Russia’s special initiative on establishing a security system in the Gulf region.

Lavrov also indicated that his country and Egypt agree on the importance of eliminating the terrorists in Syria permanently, and adhering firmly to all principles stipulated in UNSC resolution (2254), particularly respect of Syria’s sovereignty and safety of its territories.

The Syrians themselves must seek a political solution for their country without an external interference, the Russian minister stressed, urging the international community to solve the humanitarian crisis in Syria through providing aid to the people, and contributing in restoring economic and social infrastructure there.

On Libya, Lavrov pointed out that there is currently no alternative to the political settlement of the crisis in that country, and that all warring Libyan parties must commit to countering terrorism and extremism.

Meanwhile, the Russian minister said the Iranian issue poses a concern to US and Israel, not only in Syria but also in all around the region, describing such a situation as “non-constructive.” He also expressed worry about attempts to transform Syria into a battlefield between Israel and Iran, noting that his country’s participation, along with US and Israel, in the meeting of security chiefs, currently held in Jerusalem, aims to stress the importance of respecting UNSC resolution (2254).

For his part, Shoukry affirmed that Egypt and Russia share an identical stand toward the Palestinian cause, stressing the importance of reaching comprehensive and permanent settlement to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

He also stressed the importance of attaining the legitimate rights of Palestinian people based on the two-state solution and Arab peace initiative, and establishing a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The Egyptian foreign minister noted his country’s participation in the Manama conference is part of its support of the Palestinian cause and faith in the influential role all parties involved could play in favor of the cause.

Source: Kuwait News Agency