Russia: Western countries have abandoned White Helmets

MOSCOW, The Russian Federation said on Friday that Western countries have abandoned the White Helmets organization and will not grant them asylum.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news conference here that these countries are not rushing to grant the White Helmets, currently in Jordan, asylum on their territory.

She has charged that these elements are still involved in exercising their “provocative actions on Syrian territory and cooperating with terrorist groups.” On the other hand, Zakharova stressed that Moscow is determined to work constructively with the UN envoy to Syria, especially with regard to the formation of the constitutional committee.

She pointed out that the government and the Syrian opposition expressed their desire to work within the framework of this committee and warned that imposing decisions related to its staff would undermine its formation.

Zakharova reiterated the need for the Syrian government to take control of areas from which US troops would withdraw, saying US and foreign forces “in Syria illegally should eventually withdraw.” She said the restoration of control of the Kurdish areas by the Syrian government would enhance security in these regions, pointing to the importance of dialogue between the Syrian authorities and the Kurds.

Source: Kuwait News Agency