satisfied Tabarez, placing Uruguay top of Group A

The Russian team came on the field prepared for the Uruguayan side, but playing most of the match with 10 players was stifling for the Russian coach, while Uruguay’s Oscar Tabarez believed “Balance” was the key to success.

The Russian manager Stanislav Cherchesov emphasized on his teams preparation ahead of the game today saying, “Yesterday during training we were playing these set pieces as the game today started from set pieces, we tried to stop them today but we couldn’t, … and the level of the opponent today is much higher than the level of opponents of the previous two games.” Despite the defeat, Cherchesov was pleased with his players, “I must say I liked how my team played after the result and we lost one player, we were rather aggressive, and they showed they are real men.” He also added, “It is better to lose 0-3 in this game than in the next game.” Coach Tabarez was confident his players had the upper hand throughout the match saying, “Russia did not push us around, they tried to put us into a corner. Not only did we prevent them from doing that, but we put them in their half of the pitch in the first half. We could have won by even more goals.” Winning the game with a large margin without conceding any goal and finishing at the top of Group A is very satisfying for Tabarez, while also pointing out the importance of keeping this performance consistent he said, “I liked the dedication and concentration that my team had. They were focused from end to end, the entire squad. They executed the plan that we worked towards and which we all agreed.” Tabarez added, “For me, the holy grail of football is the word: balance. When we attack we need to be able to attack, but it doesn’t come from an abstract suggestion.” The race for the top spot in Group A is officially over as Uruguay stands in first place to play the team placing in the second position of Group B, and Russia taking second will have to face the leader. Tonight’s matches will verify the last standing position of Group B as Spain plays Morocco, and Iran faces Portugal, without any team secured to qualify

Source: Kuwait News Agency