Saudi-commanded coalition declares compensations for collateral damage

RIYADH, — The Saudi-led Coalition operating in Yemen declared on Thursday that it would pay compensations for victims or collateral damage inflicted during military action in the Saudi-Yemeni .border regions The Coalition will bear responsibility for compensating for damage caused to civil buildings or injuries to individuals, said Mansour Bin Ahmad Al-Mansour, spokesman of the Coalition special team for examining .accidents in the Saudi-Yemeni border areas Claimants should present substantiated compensation papers to the legitimate Yemeni Government, said Al- .Mansour, who was speaking at a news conference held in the Saudi capital .The Coalition has recently formed this 13-member team to investigate reports about cases of this nature The team has examined eight of such cases, reported by medical and humanitarian associations, Al- .Mansour said, declaring that errors existed in only two situations The Coalition forces pin point military targets according to authentic intelligence and does not target civil installations, directly or indirectly, he said, adding that fighters of Ansarullah movement and troops loyal to (the former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah) Saleh intentionally use medical installations for military purposes. Nevertheless, the allied forces abstain from bombing these locations, out of keenness on civilians’ safety, he stressed.

Source: Kuwait News Agency