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Saudi, Lebanese Cultural Forum launched at Yarzeh

The Saudi embassy in Lebanon on Thursday launched the Saudi-Lebanese Cultural Forum titled “Amine Rihani’s Arabism”, organized at the residence of the Saudi ambassador Ali Awad Asseri in Yarzeh, In the presence of outgoing Minister of Culture, Raymond Araiji.

Minister Araiji described the efforts made by embassies in Lebanon as an “excellent initiative” to open their doors to cultural affairs.

He then focused on the Arabism of Amine Rihani, “an Arabism, which, according to the Marada movement is the unique solution to eradicating terrorism in the region.”

The outgoing minister also stressed “the strong relationship between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia at all levels”.

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia bestowed a gold medal upon professor, Amine Albert Rihani, nephew of Amine Rihani.

Present at the Forum were former Minister Layla Solh, Ambassadors of Kuwait, Abdel Aal Kinai, UAE, Hamad Said Chamesi, Qatar, Ali Ben Hamda Al-Mari, and Egypt, Nazih Najjari, as well as the Charge d’Affaires of Oman, Khaled Ben Ali Hardane, Saudi Charge d’Affaires, Walid al-Bukhari, Head of the Press Order, Aouni Kaaki, and a crowd of journalists and intellectuals.

Source: National News Agency